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From billboard and pylon to retail signage and sky sign project management

The Eveada Capability Statement

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Eveada Projects

Sign installation & implementation project management - managing digital displays, billboards, Pylons, LED screens, compliance signage, wayfinding & commercial signage solutions nationwide. With decades of experience, we've done it all in terms of signage and retail displays. With a nationwide network, we're the missing piece you need to manage your large format signage, digital display, brand refresh, showroom or retail upgrade. Contact Eveada Projects today to leverage our expertise and network.

Competition is tough... it's time to be

Unforgettable Bold Dramatic Breathtaking Distinctive Eye Catching

Competition is tough...
it's time to be

Unforgettable Bold Dramatic Breathtaking Distinctive Eye Catching

Who we are And What we do

With decades of industry experience, Eveada Projects specialise in managing sign installation, traditional and digital branding campaign display rollout throughout Australia. High-visibility pylon signs, billboards, intricate architectural and wayfinding signage, through to a multi-outlet brand refresh rollout. Eveada Projects is your ultimate signage professionals – guiding your project through to completion with foresight and expertise. Utilising the best that cutting edge technology has to offer, Eveada Projects is ready to help you make your next project a smashing success.

  • Billboard installation project management

    Static (traditional) and digital billboards are an attractive option for landowners and investors seeking a relatively secure ongoing revenue generation business model. In this document we explore billboard types, considerations, dimensions, formats, and ownership models. Read more…

  • Retail Store Signage Solutions

    From captivating window displays to effective wayfinding within stores, we offer a holistic approach to retail signage. We understand the importance of creating a compelling and cohesive brand narrative within retail environments. Read more…

  • Educational Institution Campus Signage

    Raise your school, college or university's social standing with modern, back lit and digital entrance signage. Incorporate Digital LED notice board panels for efficient updates. Read more…

  • Council municipality signage

    Establish municipality standing with high quality 3D modular, electronic or LED 'welcome to...' signs, memorial place signs, place on country signs and wayfinging signage. Read more…

  • Comprehensive Corporate Branding

    Choose Eveada Projects for unmatched corporate signage expertise. With a track record of successfully managing sky signs and rooftop signage, we bring a level of finesse and attention to detail that defines your brand presence. Read more…

  • Billboard investment brokering

    Our brokers act as intermediaries between landowners and investors. They provide a service that offers opportunities for both parties to increase their cash flow and investment portfolio. In addition to brokerage EVEADA Billboard Brokers offers a comprehensive project services Read more…

  • Impactful Billboard Advertising

    Amplify your brand presence and generate revenue with Eveada Projects' impactful billboard advertising solutions. We specialise in creating eye-catching and strategically positioned billboards that captivate audiences and drive brand recall. Read more…

  • Cutting-edge led signage

    Stay at the forefront of technology and captivate your audience with cutting-edge LED, LED Walls, Transparent Digital Glass panels signage solutions with Eveada Projects. Read more…

  • Innovative Wayfinding Solutions

    We understand that effective wayfinding goes beyond directional signs.Our seasoned team brings extensive experience in planning and implementing wayfinding signage systems across diverse environments. Read more…

  • Nationwide rollout

    Need an 'overnight' transformation? Eveada Projects is here to succinctly manage your real-world rollout, national sign installation to achieve that. Read more…

Deliver strong messaging at your

Gym Charity  School Retail Outlets Festival Franchise Outlets Charity Event College Open House Nightclub Product Launch University Cultural Event Aged Care Facility RSL Club Real Estate Agency Municipality

Deliver strong messaging at your Gym Charity  School Retail Outlets Festival Franchise Outlets Charity Event College Open House Nightclub Product Launch University Cultural Event Aged Care Facility RSL Club Real Estate Agency Municipality

Project Management Expertise

Eveada Projects brings decades of experience in project management and installation to your signage project. We specialise in traditional and digital branding campaign rollouts and refreshes for multi-outlet brands throughout Australia. From high-visibility pylon signs and billboards to intricate architectural and wayfinding signage, our network ensures your campaign rollout meets deadline, safety and compliance guidelines. Make the most of cutting-edge technology for your brand’s real world presence. Choose Eveada Projects to make your next signage project a smashing success.

Your Experienced Billboard Installation Sign Installation Consultation Sign Technology Showroom Redesign Material sourcing Project Managers

  • Showroom/Retail Digital Upgrade

    Transform your retail space and captivate customers with Eveada's storefront and showroom sign and digital display expertise. Surprise and delight customers with innovative retail display signs, seamlessly blending of technology and design.

  • Brand Refresh - Multi-site Rollout

    We specialise in strategies that revitalise your brand’s identity. From concept to planning, material sourcing and implementation, we ensure consistency across all your locations.

  • Event Wayfinding - Mobile LED Signage

    Our digital wayfinding solutions ensure your event is effectively advertised, and event attendees are purposefully and clearly directed. Use mobile LED signage to make your next event stand out as an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

  • Permanent Wayfinding - Traditional Sign Fixtures

    Navigational precision meets timeless design; our wayfinding signage transforms environments, from theme parks to national parks, botanical gardens to memorial sites. Trust our expertise with traditional fixtures, guiding visitors with clarity, and style relevant to the site and purpose.

  • Revenue Generation - Roadfront property

    Transform high-traffic and high visibility road front land into a lucrative financial opportunity with traditional or digital billboard installations. Increase property's revenue with cutting edge sign technology, and create a steady stream of income.

  • Revenue Generation - Commercial & residential buildings

    Own or manage a property in a high-traffic area? Your property may have the potential to generate new streams of income. Install a high visibility LED sign and access national advertising networks and local business ad revenue.

  • Site Advertising - business

    Captivate clients and business partners with Eveada's pylon sign, rooftop signage, mobile & fixed LED display, and architectural signage expertise. Explore options tailored for your business, site and building structure for a distinctive visual identity in your lobby, offices, showroom or building exterior.

  • Large format Mural/art installations

    Eveada specialises in public art installation and design, bringing solutions to councils and private exhibitions. Elevate your environment with captivating murals, fostering creativity and enhancing public engagement.

We're here to...

Advise Assess the installation site Protect you from liability Plan and schedule Source cost effective materials Implement  Install Provide innovative solutions Roll out nationally Achieve compliance Get you noticed

Our Services

  • Sign Fabrication Project Management

    From concept to completion, we collaborate closely with clients to bring their visions to life, delivering bespoke solutions that captivate and engage. Elevate your space and make a statement with eye-catching sign, pilon, digital billboard fabrication that stands the test of time in Australia's increasingly harsh weather conditions.

  • Consultation and advisory services

    Work with our signage experts to ensure a smooth project during all phases. We excel in developing comprehensive signage project plans, establishing clear goals, and executing projects efficiently, within budget. We ensure your project meets regulatory and council requirements throughout the entire process.

  • Proactive Risk Management

    Our highly skilled team identifies and mitigating risks specific to your rebrand project. We are committed to keeping projects on track and aligned with objectives. Our proficiency in risk management becomes especially valuable when dealing with intricate LED signage installations or developing engaging retail display signs that demand careful planning and execution.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology Integration

    Leverage the power of cutting-edge project management software and tools for enhanced project visibility. Embracing technology like efficient LED signage allows us to meet the evolving demands of the signage design landscape.

  • Efficient Resource Management

    Maximise efficiency and minimise costs with our strategic approach to resource allocation. Whether it requires personnel, equipment, or materials for various types of signs, our resource optimisation ensures a seamless workflow. This is particularly crucial in corporate and retail signage, where the right resource allocation can significantly impact the visual appeal and effectiveness of the signage.

  • Rigorous Quality Assurance

    Maintain the highest standards in every aspect of your project, be it wayfinding signage or complex LED billboards. Our strict quality control measures, designed to exceed client expectations, become paramount during the entire project lifecycle. Quality assurance is especially crucial when crafting visually striking high-risk building signage or ensuring the durability of billboards in diverse environmental conditions.

  • Transparent Communication & Stakeholder Engagement

    Ensure smooth collaboration and transparency with our effective communication strategies. Keeping all stakeholders informed and engaged is vital, fostering a collaborative environment that becomes especially relevant when dealing with large-scale projects.

managing sign & campaign Project rollouts for

Gold Coast Perth Property Listings Eyre Hwy Burke Stadiums Great Northern Hwy Darwin Stuart Hwy Apartment Buildings Noosa Warrego Hwy The Nullabor Flinders Hwy Toowoomba Gore Hwy Pacific Highway Tamworth Cairns Highrise Buildings Grafton Australia wide

With a nationwide presence, EVEADA Projects has successfully managed signage projects in all states. Our extensive network of manufacturers and strategic partnerships enables us to provide on-the ground support wherever our clients need it.

Our model is not dependent on one manufacturing location, we have partnerships throughout Australia with variety sized businesses. This minimises resource and production issues as we have the flexibility to use different suppliers.

EVEADA Projects will always control the integrity of your brand.

  • Advice & Project Planning

    We excel in developing comprehensive signage project plans, establishing clear goals and mile stones, and executing projects efficiently and with in budget.

  • Risk Management

    Our team is highly skilled in identifying and mitigating rebrand project risks, ensuring that projects stay on track and meet their objectives.

  • Resource Management

    We optimise resource allocation, including personnel, equipment, and materials, to maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

  • Quality Assurance

    We maintain strict quality control standards throughout the project lifecycle to deliver results that exceed client expectations.

  • Communication & Stakeholder

    Our effective communication strategies keep all stakeholders informed and engaged, fostering collaboration and transparency.

  • Technology Integration

    We leverage cutting-edge project management software and tools to streamline processes and enhance project visibility.