Regional, municipal Council signage Manufacture + installation

Engage and inform your community with Eveada, your public signage experts.

Sign Manufacture & Installation For Municipalities

Ensure compliance with safety regulations throughout your municipality by partnering with Eveada Projects, your trusted signage installation expert for Australian Councils. Our expertise extends beyond traditional signage – we specialise in installing unique features such as LED walls, street art, wayfinding signage and art installations. We can handle large scale projects - no project is too complex for us to handle. Contact Eveada Projects today for seamless completion of signage throughout your region, that complies with Australian safety standards.

  • Conceptual Design

    Conceptual design for council signs and pilons to incorporate functionality with aesthetic appeal relevant to the function and region. The goal is to convey essential information while harmonising with the environment. When conceptualising pilons, we aim to create structures that stand as authoritative and visually pleasing elements within the urban landscape. Our commitment to purposeful design ensures effective communication while contributing to the overall visual coherence of the community.

  • National Park Wayfinding and Information signs

    Ensure national parks and public spaces are well-fitted with accessible and easy-to-read wayfinding signage. We work with your plans and spaces to ensure each sign is optimally placed and installed for maximum utility. Choose Eveada to manage and create aesthetically pleasing wayfinding signs for your public spaces.

  • Traffic signs

    Traffic signage is integral for road safety and efficiency. Our team is well-versed in the regulatory and legislative aspects that inform traffic signage. Working with Eveada means peace of mind when developing and planning traffic signage for your council.

  • Council Chambers signs

    Council Chambers are the core of your community. With over 80 years in building signage expertise, we can produce and install signage that captures your community ethos and stands the test of time alongside your council. Convey your leadership and community service with a high-quality installation.

  • 3D form signs

    Keep your public spaces accessible and navigable. We produce and install 3D form and façade signs that can display nearby health services, public amenities, or area maps. With our wide network of sign fabricators, we can accommodate a wide range of structural designs and modifications that allow your council’s 3D signage to stand out.

  • Advisory Service

    Eveada Projects are your sign advice partners. When it comes to safety, effectiveness, removal, material assessment and installation constraints, it is imperative your sign project progresses on a strong foundation. Call Eveada projects today and make sure your sign installation project is viable.

  • Retail site sign Pylons

    Bolster your commerce and financial areas with clear, quality pylon signs. We are experienced in providing pylon signage solutions for shopping centres, malls and offices of all sizes. With Eveada you can enjoy the added benefits of swift, multi-site installations and superior build quality.

  • Withstand strong weather events

    Superior fabrication and installation expertise sets Eveada apart. We take every measure to ensure your signage can withstand the Australian weather and can recommend resilient materials. Count on our expertise when it matters most, rain or shine.

  • Sign maintenance

    Unsightly and dilapidated public signage is not only an eye-sore— it can also pose a substantial safety risk. With extensive experience across different signage mediums and forms, we can maintain your signs and take preventative measures to keep your council looking pleasing for longer.

  • Sign operation guidelines

    Eveada Projects supply our clients with sign operation guidelines where necessary, including cleaning, digital operation etc.

  • Long format Mesh fence signage

    Conceal high-risk and construction areas with our mesh fence signage solutions. We use quality materials that provide dust and noise protection for pedestrians while displaying important messaging about your public developments.

  • Revenue Generation Billboards

    Creating spaces for advertisers provides a lucrative revenue stream for forward-thinking councils. Eveada assists you in finding an optimal placement and can install both LED and traditional billboards for advertisers and councils to utilise.

  • Large format murals and street art

    Attract visitors and bolster community spirit with our street-art installation services. From conception to installation, our team can help every step of the way to produce eye-catching and engaging public art for your council.

Why EVEADA Projects?

Government-Focused Expertise: At EVEADA Projects, we comprehend the unique needs of councils and government projects. Our team brings specialized knowledge to ensure that your signage not only adheres to regulatory standards but also aligns seamlessly with the visual identity of public spaces.

Nationwide Network: With trusted partners strategically positioned across the nation, we bring a wealth of experience in both signage manufacturing and installation, ensuring consistency, reliability, and compliance with government guidelines.

Clientele Trust: Trusted by Council Decision Makers, Government Bodies, and Public Project Managers, EVEADA Projects is renowned for delivering projects that resonate with the essence of public spaces.

1. Project Management

Strategic Planning: We initiate projects with a comprehensive understanding of council requirements, aligning our signage solutions with the vision for public spaces. Our expert team navigates regulatory aspects and logistical intricacies, providing a foundation for seamless integration with government projects.

Visual Concepts: Our planning stage includes the creation of visual concepts that not only adhere to safety and regulatory standards but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of public areas, contributing to a sense of community identity.

2. Sign Fabrication

Public-Friendly Designs: EVEADA Projects collaborates with manufacturers skilled in crafting designs that resonate with the public. We prioritize aesthetics without compromising on the durability required for public spaces.

Timely Execution: Our commitment to timely execution ensures that your signage aligns with project timelines, contributing to the overall success of government initiatives.

3. Installation

Certified Excellence: Rely on our extensive network of certified installers for a seamless and efficient installation process. We understand the importance of timely completion for public projects and work diligently to meet government deadlines.

4. Sign Maintenance

Long-Term Impact: Beyond installation, we offer continuous support, addressing any maintenance needs promptly to ensure the longevity and quality of signage in public spaces.

Elevate Public Spaces with EVEADA Projects

Partner with EVEADA Projects for a signage experience crafted specifically for councils and government projects. From concept to installation, we’re here to enhance the visual identity of public spaces, contributing to the community’s sense of pride and identity. Choose EVEADA Projects and let’s transform public spaces together.